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Meet Bruce and Chriss, they live in Auburn, Maine. They started Berts' Awesome Stuff (orginally Berts' Wicked Good Stuff) in 2003.

Meet Bruce and Chriss!

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Bruce is a high school science teacher and Chriss is a nurse and works as a Breast Health Patient Navigator.  Their children are all grown and live in various states throughout the country. They have nine wonderful grandchildren and enjoy visiting them not often enough! 

Bruce grew up in Massachusetts and spent summers visiting his grandparents in Maine. He never lost his love of Maine and moved back as an adult.  He loves to cook and garden. Many of the products he makes are from recipes his grandparents and parents used. 

Chriss grew up on a farm in Maine, and spent many days as a youngster cooking, canning, pickling, gardening and working on the farm. Chriss has some old family favorites that are included in Berts' list of Awesome Stuff.

When this couple were trying to decide on a name for their business they knew it had to be something that was really "Maine". Is there anything more "Maine" than "Wicked Good"?  The name Bert, came about because Bruce's grandfather's name was Bert and Chriss' dad's name was Burton and was always called "Bert", hence the name Berts' Wicked Good Stuff.  

When the company was almost two years old our "wicked good" products became "Awesome", hence our new name Berts' Awesome Stuff.