Pickles and Speciality Items

All Products are $6.50 per jar except for Dilly Beans which are $8.00.
This does not include shipping and handling!

Dilly Beans                   Dill Pickles               Hot Dill Pickles
Pickled Beets               Corn Relish               Mustard Pickles 
Sour Mustard Pickles    Bread and Butter Pickles

Mimi's Hot Relish          Dilled Garlic              

Cranberry Chutney                                 Holiday Cranberry Chutney
Apple Raisin Chutney                             Mango Chutney 
                                Blueberry Chutney 

                                 Jams & Spreads

Raspberry                     Raspberry Peach        
Blueberry Spread                    

Razzleberry                   Blackberry                  Blackberry Raspberry
Strawberry Rhubarb       Strawberry                  Bumbleberry              

Hot Pepper Jam            Raspberry Jalapeno     Blueberry Jalapeno Spread  

Berts' Oatmeal Awesome Jam filled Cookies!

Pickles, Chutneys & Jams

Have you been looking for a new side or a condiment to spice your meals up?  Try some of our products with your next dinner, dessert or snack!

Berts' Awesome Stuff makes an assortment of treats that will surely delight the taste buds. Many of our selections come from old family recipes, and they often serve as a perfect addition to wide variety of main courses. 
Among our most popular selections are the mustard and hot dill pickles we have for sale, as well as our large inventory of jams. Our spreads and jams are often the perfect complement to breakfast foods, cookies and other desserts.

Don’t forget to check out our chutneys. Chutneys are a wonderful addition, or condiment, to fish, pork, chicken and a variety of other meats. Serve them with cream cheese and crackers, and add them to sandwiches for additional flavor. We have a variety of fruit flavored chutneys to try out with your next meal. 

To place an order, simply send us an email from our contact us page, or give us a call at 207-784-2568.  Visit us at the next show or event! 


Berts' Awesome Stuff